24 Weeks

Well, I’m still here and pregnant. Well over half way done. 15 more weeks and a couple days to go. Feeling pretty good most of the time. Except for the really bad lower back pain. Doc says its mostly due to this being my third pregnancy and the muscles that support your abdomen are pretty much shot after being through two previous pregnancies. So basically the back pain starts earlier, gets worse, and I’m pretty much stuck with it. She suggested I keep up with the chiropractor visits, massages and using the exercise ball at night to stretch out the hips. I’ve also decided to add nightly massages by hubby to the regimen. Its a nice little perk of pregnancy.
I’ve got a good start on Reagan’s new room decor. Room is empty, wallpaper is off, new furniture is ordered, and I’m finishing the wall repair so that the paint can go up. Then B gets to load up the furniture so that the Wallies can go up. Once her room is done I get to start all over in the bambinos room. So I will pretty much be living in home repair for the next few months. But its not too hard to keep up the motivation when you’ve got little girls squealing with delight with how much they LOVE the new room.
The weather lately has been pretty sucky. Rainy or cold most days with a little teaser of a nice spring day thrown in every once in awhile. However the last few days have been beautiful so I am hoping warm weather is finally here. The weather, sick kids, back aches, birthday parties, and not being able to bend over has left me very behind in the yard work department. Am hoping to jump at it now that the weather is improving. I am literally salivating at the mouth to go buy my annuals but promised I wouldn’t until the yard is half way presentable. So must get a move on. I really need my flowers to make the summer for me.
Here is the latest picture of the bump. It actually doesn’t look much bigger then the last picture but believe me it is. The main difference being that the tummy is much more solid now and any bending at the waist is pretty much impossible. Enjoy!