31 Weeks

Here’s the latest pic of the apparent enormous kid growing inside of me. Less then nine weeks to go. How big can it get? All I have to say is just looking at that huge bulge makes me very, very tired. Enough said!

Week 30

I had my week 30 OB check this morning along with a follow-up ultrasound to double check the baby’s gender. Baby was extremely cooperative with her positioning for the gender check. Definitely a girl, no surprises there. I had never had an ultrasound this late in the pregnancy before so it was fun to see how much more developed the baby had become. She had much more fat on her body making her look less like a skeleton and more like a baby. She had really full lips and chunky cheeks. She moved around constantly and often opened and closed her mouth as if she were talking to us. Then when it was time to get the 3D photo she flipped over and made the positioning impossible. So that was a bummer but what can you do.
So the doctor’s report at the end of the ultrasound was short and simple…”Fetus is very large.” Just awesome, can’t wait to push this kid out! All of her measurements had her about two weeks bigger then her age. Her abdomen, head, and legs all were measuring in at 32 and 1/2 weeks so the doc said she is overall “just one big baby.” Not just fat but a big head and long body.
So then we had the discussion on when they decide if the kid is too big for you to deliver it on your own. Rules are if the kid is under 10 pounds they let Mom go into labor on her own. If the kid looks like it is going to be over 10 pounds they go straight for a cesarean and don’t even let you try for a natural birth. Apparently because they don’t think you can push out the shoulders and would end up having an emergency C section anyway. They won’t induce any earlier then 38 weeks because they want to give the lungs every chance to develop fully. So at this point its a wait and see game. He is going to do another ultrasound at 36 weeks to see if the growth curve has continued. Then we decide from there. Right now she is in the 80% percentile on size. If she stays on this curve she will be in the 9 pound plus range at full term. So that seems doable. Syd was 8 lb 12 oz and Reagan was 7 lb 13. So that doesn’t seem too much bigger, right?
Only other question I had for him was why I have this one dime sized spot on my belly that is extremely painful when she kicks it. Seems to be a favorite spot of hers. Doc says as my tummy gets bigger the muscles start shredding, I knew that already. But, apparently there are nerves in the tissue as well that start shredding. The kid seems to have found one of these nerves and likes using it as target practice. It just about knocks me to the floor when she hits it.
Here is the latest pic and ultrasound. You can see her full lips and chubby cheeks. Towards the end of the ultrasound you can see her open and close her mouth. I assume she is taking a drink but who knows.

Third Trimester Begins

This weekend I officially entered the third trimester. So the end is getting near, YEAH! Today I had my 28 week OB check along with the dreaded glucose test. So I had to drink the awful cup of orange sugar syrup and wait for the blood test. This time it seemed to effect me more then the previous pregnancies. Got very dizzy, extremely light headed, and had trouble focusing on anything with my eyes. Hopefully that doesn’t mean there are any problems with my insulin this time around. I really, really don’t want to have to mess with that. Will know those results in a few days.
With the third trimester comes the now every two week OB checks instead of the monthly schedule. Which I guess is good since its always a bit of a relief to be told baby looks good. They are going to do another ultrasound in two weeks to double check the gender. I am pretty much assured its a girl but the doc doesn’t like having that question mark on my chart. So I think I am going to put off painting the nursery until then.
The bambino seems to be running out of room already because she likes to really push out on my stomach with what feels like her head or back. I can tell exactly where she is most of the time which is different then with the girls. She tends to be pushed out against my stomach a lot making it obviously hard where she is laying. Then when she pushes too hard all I have to do it push back slightly on her with my hand and she flips out. Pretty fun that I can begin torturing the kid already. So comparatively, this kid tends to prefer making big full stomach movements over the little kicks that the girls did. So when she is awake I really know it. Pretty cool for me. The doc said she is only two finger widths away from the bottom of my rib cage so I expect the shortness of breath to start soon. My Mom always said she could feel me kicking in between her ribs. So I’m curious to see if that is the case with this little one….
I am feeling pretty good most days. Seem to still have energy for the nonstop projects that need to be done around here before baby. However, starting to get a lot of discomfort in my legs by mid afternoon. Then by the end of the day they are swollen and painful. Walking around too much is really uncomfortable which is quite the nuisance during the summer. Need to remember to keep taking breaks and sitting with raised legs but hard to make yourself stop mid project. I am definitely feeling the bursts of energy becoming shorter lived as the third trimester takes effect. As I seem to get tired more quickly. So all that just means I need to get the nursery and house back into order before I get too much further along.
The girls got out of school two weeks ago and are enjoying their summer vacation. Last week it took them a full 24 hours to be bored with no place to go. They pretty much spend the entire day outside which is great for me. This week they are enjoying the Denver zoo camp. Today rained all day but they had no complaints. I think they thought it was cool to walk around the zoo with an umbrella. Much better than being stuck at home for my busy bodies.
We got the pool set up last weekend and are looking forward to some warmer weather so we can enjoy the water. Though the cold water doesn’t seem to slow the girls down from jumping in. So the girls and I are keeping busy and having fun together for the summer. I hate the fact that Sydney is going to be in school full days this coming school year. She is my little helper and I like having her around in the afternoons after school. So trying to get the most out of the summer with her before starting the big first grade. Hard to believe it…