3 More Weeks

Well, what’s new?? I have finally gotten the nursery painted, Wallies up, furniture cleaned from top to bottom and in place, baby supplies bought and put away, and the carpet cleaned. So you could say the room is ready for baby minus the curtains. This all took me a good 3-4 weeks given that I tire easy which was annoying. But, at least its a start. I still need to go to storage and get the other essentials in order. Blankets, clothes, swing, carseat, bouncers, etc. etc. We have forgotten just how much stuff a new baby needs. I wasn’t able to reuse as much this time around since it had been used by two prior messy kids. But, at least some stuff has been salvageable. No one ever said kids were cheap.
Next I need to head back to the Maternity store and get myself some nursing pj’s/shirts. Brandon has demanded that I burn the old pj’s since they are stained with “spilled milk” literally. Guess I can’t argue with that one. Plus, the clothes are much more stylish now. Not all pink and flowery like before.
We had our Delivery Discussion with the OB yesterday. We didn’t learn anything new there. He had another women about to give birth so we ran through everything very quickly. Third time around you aren’t so nervous about things. He gave us the hospital admission papers, important phone numbers, and told us when to head in. Can’t think of anything else needed. We have the final ultrasound scheduled for the 10th to see just how big this kid really is. Should be interesting to have one so late in pregnancy. Hopefully the 3D is working.
I have been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions over the last couple of weeks. Some nights to the point that I am stuck in bed because they can make me nauseous when I have so many. I don’t understand why they call them contractions. Feels more like severe cramping and muscle pinches to me. I am also having a lot of discomfort when trying to walk around too much. The muscles in my lower abdomen are about stretched to the limit and are giving out on me a lot. A lot of sharp pains and back muscle spasms when I do too much. Last week I had to pick Syd up at camp and the muscles were acting up. Could only take a few steps before I had to stop and let the pinches settle down. Must have looked like I was in full blown labor. I felt pretty stupid looking anyway.
Other then that we are all getting very anxious and excited to see this new little baby. The girls are asking a lot of questions about just how I get the baby out. And they are worried that Daddy is going to be really mad because he has to sleep at the hospital with me. They can’t understand why Dad would need to be there at all. But hey, at least their going to be worried about someone during the delivery.
Here’s the latest picture. I don’t have to look at myself too often so needless to say I was quite surprised when I saw this one. The pounds have really packed themselves on.