Kayla’s Birth Story

Kayla is just over three weeks old now so I guess its about time for me to sit down and write up what I can remember of her birth. May be boring to most but its my way of remembering things in years to come. I think your mind has a way of making you forget some parts of the labor so that you have more children. So here it goes.

It all started on August 9th. We decided to take the kids and Wyatt down to Boulder and take a little hike at Chautauqua. The weather wasn’t too hot so I felt like I could handle a bit of outdoors. We did a couple of easy miles. Found some fun kid trails with little nature signs for the kids to follow. And even a rangers cabin full of cool stuffed Boulder animal residents. Very cool for the girls. I felt good during the hike but soon started to get really tired on the drive home.

Once we got home I really bonked. Was feeling exhausted and a little nauseous so I asked Brandon to take on the parental duties for the rest of the day and went to lie down. I think I got up for a small quick dinner and then went back to bed. We decided to watch a movie in bed but I only made it half way through before I wanted to crash again. So I asked B to help me out of bed for one more potty break before bed. Then as he was pulling me up I felt a gush of warm water all over my legs. WTF, I immediately thought I peed the bed, crap! Then within a few seconds I realized that it was probably my water breaking. Brandon was in denial. I was two weeks early so it couldn’t be time yet. He is sure that it is just bath water that I was somehow storing in my vagina from earlier in the day. What???? I will explain female anatomy to him later, on with the story.

I think it was approaching midnight at this point. I wasn’t prepared for a trip to the hospital. So I ran to pack my bag. Brandon went to the phone and called our neighbors and friends the Bradley’s to explain the situation and ask if the kids could sleep over. He then rushed the kids out of bed and over to the neighbors. They were confused, scared and half asleep but I think they handled the move great. Brandon was in a panic to get to the hospital. I kept trying to calm him down. We would have plenty of time to get there. Hours even. But I think he thought the kid would pop out fast with the water breaking. We’ve never had the water break on its own before so I guess neither of us really knew what to expect.

Within a few minutes we were on our way to the hospital. Once there they put me in the triage room and were able to verify that my water had indeed broken. They had a type of litmus paper that turned blue when it detected amniotic fluid. I was quickly moved into a delivery room and the nurse began monitoring the baby and placed my IV. At this point I was still not having any contractions which confused me. I always thought when your water broke the labor part kicked in pretty fast. They told me to start walking but I would only get a few feet before my legs were covered in bloody amniotic fluid. Another thing they don’t tell you. Your water doesn’t just break once. It may start with one large gush of fluid but it continues to constantly leak out for hours after. So I would go to the restroom, get all cleaned up and dry, stand up to walk and I was covered in fluids again. Soon enough I decided to skip the walking and just lay down and try to get some rest. My OB was there with another delivery and was exhausted so he decided to go home and get a few hours sleep. They started pitocin between 3 and 4 AM to get the contractions going. As soon as it hit my veins I remember it was just freezing and my body soon began to shiver uncontrollably so I piled on the heated blankets. The contractions got going fairly quickly after that and continued to increase in intensity over the next couple of hours.

Around 7 AM my contractions were strong enough to need an epidural. We got that placed very smoothly but it tended to concentrate on one side of my body. So I had to lay on my side pretty much the rest of the day to keep my body from tingling too much. Just before 11 AM I started to feel a lot more pressure in my bottom so I called the nurse thinking I had to poop. She instead checked my cervix and could feel the baby’s head crowning. I then tried to wake up Brandon because he had been sleeping the entire night, even through my contractions. What a guy 🙂 Things then went very fast. Brandon grabbed the cameras and the doc came in. Before he was even fully gowned he told me to start pushing and Miss Kayla was born within a few pushes. Very quick and easy.
Being two weeks early Kayla was covered in vernix from head to toe. Even coating the inside of her ears. She was healthy and perfect. I don’t remember much more from the rest of that day or night. Just little things like not sleeping much. Or how uncomfortable the hospital bed was. Or how exciting it was to show Kayla off to her long awaiting big sisters. I felt great afterwards. I had very little pain and was getting around fine. So we opted not to stay the recommended two nights after the birth and went home in the evening on the next day. We missed the girls and they were ready to come home. You’d think they’d love sleeping over at friends houses but they were crying to come home. Not to say they didn’t have a great time loving up Helene or beating up Helene’s Dad. But, they were anxious to spend time with Kayla.

Kayla is now 6 weeks old and she is still an excellent baby. Yes, it took me this long to write one blog entry. Its not easy with a newborn and two other kiddos to get more then 5 minutes alone at a time. In fact I have written most of this one handed with Kayla on a pillow on my lap nursing. But, I’m impressed I got it done.

The first month of her life she pretty much slept all of the time. She was maybe awake for a total of 2 or 3 hours off and on throughout the day. She would wake up to eat and then go right back to sleep. After Reagan, this seemed wrong somehow but I’ll take it. By her fourth week she was only waking up once a night to eat. But, getting her to sleep at night was becoming a small challenge. She wants to be awake from 8 pm to 11 or 12 just as we are ready to sleep. But for a newborn I think she is still awesome.

At five weeks old she was starting to be awake more. But still sleeping a lot. She gets grumpy just as I am trying to make dinner. So I have mastered the sling thing for dinnertime. I don’t think I’ve eaten a meal in weeks where I wasn’t also feeding Kayla. So that was a bit difficult but I’m getting better at dinnertime multitasking. Although Kayla is often covered in my dropped food by the end of the meal. Kayla also slept through the night once at 5 weeks for a full 8 hours. But I was so engorged when she finally woke up that my milk was literally spraying down her throat. She didn’t like that too much so since then she wakes up once a night to eat.

On another topic, Kayla seems to hate her Daddy. He can’t seem to hold her for more then 5 minutes before she is hysterical. She wants to be held by Mommy and only Mommy at ALL times. So needless to say the house is quite a mess as I do nothing but hold Kayla. When I start to get annoyed at my constant attachment its easy to remember to just enjoy the moment. This is the last little nugget I’ll have so I am loving every minute of my baby time. Good thing she is such a happy baby.