Mission Not So Impossible

Yesterday I was feeling a little better about the cat. Slowly getting out of my slump. I had walked the entire neighborhood several times, posted notes everywhere, and did about all I could think of. But we kept looking. Just kept telling myself he was out having a ball being a wild man. So we decided to get out of the house and go to the auto show in Denver last night. I am in the hunt for a new car, but not for a year at least, so thought we would check them out. We don’t go to Denver much so we thought we’d try a restaurant we have been hearing good reviews on. The wait was said to be 25 minutes. After 45 and a snotty hostess who just kept saying not yet, we left starving on the hunt for something quick. We ended up stopping at this really small joint on a side street called ‘mica’. It said pizza and pasta and looked quick. Ended up being awesome italian food. We both got huge focasia sandwiches, and probably the best caesar salad and bruschetta we have had in years. Cool, score one for us. So we then headed to the car show. I have been wanting to look at the LandRover LR3 and Cadillac SRX. The Landrover was pretty cool with some features we have been trying to find in other cars with no luck. The Cadillac was quickly thrown out, too much like a station wagon. We also saw the new Infinity QX which was pretty sweet as well. So between the LandRover and Infinity at this point. Go super luxury (Infinity) or luxury with all the off road gadgets which I would probably never use (LandRover)?
We then left and headed to the Cheesecake Factory for some desert. We really wanted a horse ride back for Syd but couldn’t find any. They were all outside Cheesecake, wrong end, oh well. Next headed home. We got back about 11:00, late night for the kid but she did really well with it. She went straight to bed. B and I then started on showers/bath when the phone started ringing. Who is calling at almost midnight? The phone wasn’t upstairs so we let it ring. Rang again, but couldn’t hear message. B ran downstairs as it rang for the third time…something is going on here definitely. I heard B yell, “Your kidding me, I’ll be right there” It was our neighbor, she had a black cat trapped in her garage. B ran out and I was quick to follow after pulling some sweats on. He was in the garage and I stood outside in our yard because I didn’t want to ring the bell, their kids were asleep. Then all of a sudden I see a black cat running full speed away from Anda’s house and bolting down the circle. I start yelling his name and go chasing after him. Our street lights arent too bright so I lost him in the shadows and had no idea if he kept down the street or darted off towards a house. B grabbed our flashlights and we took off seperately yelling for him and looking everywhere. But, after an hour we could find nothing and think he was just so scared to come out again. Ok, this was really depressing. We were so close but he was just too scared to come home. I felt like I really screwed that one up big time and was getting depressed again. But, at least he was sticking around the house, if that was even him. We sat on the porch for another 30 minutes and then headed inside.
We decided to leave the garage door open a bit since he was looking for food in Anda’s. We had been leaving food out all week but he had never eaten any. We decided to also leave tuna spread out all over the yard, porch and deck. Maybe he would smell that and come to eat. We also left all the gates open just in case he was too freaked to figure out how to squeeze through them. We went to bed with the blinds all open so we could get up periodically and check the food.
I woke up around 3:30 for a pee break and saw that a couple of the tuna plates were eaten as well as the cat food on the back deck. I searched again for him but could see nothing. So I went back to bed. My mind was racing on what we should do and I was just lying there awake petting another cat. Then I started to hear faint meows. I had been hearing meows all week and they never turned out to be anything. So I laid there for another minute and really listened to see if they were real. Then another really loud meow. Ok, I knew that was real. I jumped up and looked out on the deck from our bedroom window. Just then a black cat had walked up the stairs and was on the deck eating the tuna. I yelled for B to get up and we ran downstairs. B went out the front door and I waited inside at the back door. We wanted to get him from two angles just in case he got spooked again. The cat then got scared and ran down the stairs before B could get there. Here’s my chance, I had to go out and risk him running so that I could see where he was headed. Right when I opened the door, B was also coming around to the back and the cat bolted back up the stairs freaking out. I yelled, “I’ve got him up here” B yelled, “No, I’ve got him right here.” B kept yelling for me to get down there and I kept yelling “no he’s up here one foot in front of my face, help me corner him.” Brandon then said, “he’s running away..are you sure that is Cosmo up there.” It sure looked like him. So Brandon ran up and the cat stopped freaking out and let me pick him right up. It was definitely Cosmo. He started purring and was declawed, our little guy made it back, hooray! Apparently, he had made a new friend in a black cat that looked just like him. So, he was out having a ball with his buds, minus all the rain storms we have had.
Funny thing is I have seen that other cat on our back deck several times before. He would look in at our cats and ours would meow back at him. I even almost let him in a couple of months ago thinking it was Cosmo, until I saw Cosmo standing right behind me. They could be twins, but the other one has a small white dot on his paw. Anyway, we think it was that other cat in Anda’s garage because he bolted so fast. I think we were just extremely lucky that I woke up to pee when I did. Today, Cosmo is going to the vet to get checked out before we let him around the other cats again. Then all will be back to normal with one very happy Mommy.



I have been waiting for this week’s little catastrophe, seems to be the trend the last few weeks. Unfortunately, we got it on Monday. The guy from the heating company came to finish his part of the basement. These guys just go in and out of our basement windows so that they are not carrying all their stuff through the house. Then when they are done they just leave, never tell you they are done. Seemed a little weird to me but now we are used to it. Well, this guy came on Monday, worked a few hours, and left. Brandon went down a little later to check up on things and found that the guy had just gone and never bothered to close our windows after him. Just left them wide open with no screens or nothing. Why anyone would leave someone’s house this way just completely erks me. Nothing but complete laziness and inconsideration.
So we start doing a head count and are missing one cat, Cosmo. Cosmo is absolutely terrified to be outside more then five minutes and very skiddish so we thought he was just hidding somewhere sleeping. So we tear the house apart, walk up and down the open space behind the house, drive the neighborhood, and no sign of Cosmo. We have posted signs and left a report with the Humane Society but have to admit that after four days with no sign of the little guy it doesn’t seem too likely he will find his way back.
As you may have expected I am definitely not handling this well at all. I know a couple of you have called here over the last couple of days and have not gotten a call back. Definitely not in the mood to chat right now, maybe next week.

My House has Gone to the Cats & Dogs

Well, we are well into the basement refinishing now. We had to clear out all areas to be finished which means that stuff had to go somewhere else for a couple months. We filled up the guest room, so can take in no guests, where next, my living/dining room. Next problem, where to put the cat food and litter box during construction. Answer, my dining room table for food and laundry room for litter. So now Dakota goes absoultely insane trying to get on the table…FOOD is seen. She first figured out she can slowly pull the blanket holding the food until it falls off the table then get the food as fast as she can before we beat her butt. So we took off the blanket hoping to solve the problem. Next, she figured out she could get on the chairs lined up next to the table, jump over the round table, and land on the table, then again eat food before butt is beat. You can see the line of chairs and round table in the picture. Not sure how a fat beagle can jump over this round table and clear dining chairs to land on my table, not a stratch to be seen either. She must be more graceful than we think. So we loaded up the chairs with crap to prevent her from getting onto her launching pad. Seemed to do the trick but we would find her whining next to the table at ALL hours of the day. Is it right of us to taunt her this way? I think its good for her. Oh, she is not done yet. Get toddler to climb up on table, whine, and toddler will throw you food. Damn, how do we stop this one? Next, get maids to move food bowls over to end of table when they clean then when Mom and Dad leave the house knock down bowls and scarf every morsel. Needless to say I need to go to Petsmart for a cat food refill, going through this stuff at an amazing rate with the tactics of an evil genius beagle.
Oh, and Wyatt would probably be guilty as well but he is too afraid of the basement noises to venture out of our bedroom. You can visibly see his entire body shake in fear. That’s my big masculine gaurd dog for ya.