Finally, Dinner Minus all the Explosions

Ok, so many of you have heard about my cooking mishap on Syd’d website. Sunday I finally bought new bakeware. I was out for some of those Le Creust pans they use on all the cooking shows, until I saw the price tag. $180 for one baking dish. Nevermind. I found these at the Great Indoors, 9 pieces for a total of $70 and they match all the Italian pottery I have around the kitchen. Not too bad I thought. I even tested them out tonight with that same recipe as the explosion with no incidents. Now, I just have to figure out how to cook more than three things and we will be set.
I know this is not the most exciting blog entry but its better then the alternative. My days are spent talking about Dora and poopy diapers. Or trying to explain to a 20 month old where Santa, aka Ta-Ta, has gone. Not sure when we are going to get over the crisis of Santa’s disappearance. I have decided to spare you all on these topics for now.


My New Computer

Well, I finally got tired of getting all of my husbands’ old hand me down computers. Yesterday, we broke down and bought me my first very own brand new computer. Brandon even admits that it is nicer than any of his, not too shabby for a stay at home Mommy. I decided on an iMac G5 computer. Very cool. It is a 20″ flatscreen with the computer all built into the screen. All that and the screen is still only 2″ wide. Add on a wireless keyboard and mouse and my little desk is quite impressive. I am still learning all the little differences with an Apple, but so far it is working much better then my old pc. I never thought I would buy an Apple but have to admit that I love this thing.